Frequently Asked Questions for
National Check-in Week

Where do I log-in?2023-04-12T03:21:47+00:00

Log in to Life Skill GO via the URL,

If you have set up National Check-in Week as a Sentral school, please use your existing Sentral login.

Is all of our student and staff data secure?2023-05-07T06:07:49+00:00

We take the protection of data seriously and have taken the necessary steps to ensure it is secure. Data gathered through National Check-in Week, such as student, school and staff details, is collected and stored by Life Skills Group.

For all of the details please read our privacy policy –

All data is stored in Australia and we have completed the ST4S assessment.

Once on Life Skills GO, how do I get started?2023-04-12T03:39:32+00:00

We have a simple getting started guide – step by step guide – Getting Started Guide.

How long do I have free access of the Life Skills GO platform?2023-04-12T02:43:36+00:00

Schools will receive four weeks access to the check-in tool, Life Skills GO.

Options are also available to continue with GO once National Check-in Week ends, so please feel free to ask our team if you would like to learn more or take one of the options below:

Start a free trial of Life Skills GO

Get a Quote on costs for your school

Book a meeting to discuss your options

What is the cost to access the platform after our free access?2023-04-12T02:41:09+00:00

After the free access period, you will no longer be able to access the platform. To continue using Life Skills GO, fill out your details and select the programs that you are interested in on the request a quote form and we will get back to you with a customised quote that will suit your school.

When can I get access to the platform?2023-04-12T02:40:45+00:00

Once you have registered, please follow the instructions sent via email and we will provide access within 3 business days.

How do I help students log-in?2023-04-12T03:38:07+00:00

Click Download Class Logins from your Class Dashboard page, this will download all your students’ individual logins for the class.

How do you explain to the students why we are asking about their emotions?2022-03-22T05:56:13+00:00
  • Emotions are a guide to how we are traveling or functioning.

  • Sharing feelings and thoughts without being judged is creating a safe learning environment.

  • There is a strong link between wellbeing, engagement and outcomes. “Engaged students do better and doing better increases engagement” CESE Student Wellbeing 2015

  • Please read further – Guide To Teaching Emotions.

How do you download data about my classes’ Emotion Check-In?2023-04-12T03:39:53+00:00
  1. Go to DASHBOARD and click on Emotions Check-ins. (top navigation bar)
  2. Click Change Filters to select the date range you wish to export. (right-hand side)
  3. Click Apply to update.
  4. Click the blue Download Responses button to download your class data.
How do I run an emotion check-in for an individual student?2023-04-12T03:40:29+00:00

The Emotion Check-in can be accessed without starting a lesson, from your student dashboard.

  • On larger devices such as laptops, there will be an Emotion Check-in button at the top of the screen.
  • On smaller devices such as tablets and phones, the Emotion Check-in button will appear in the menu located at the top right of the screen.
One of my teachers’ invitations has expired. How can I get them onto the platform?2023-04-12T02:39:04+00:00

Help your classroom teachers get access to their accounts if their invitation has expired. Full instructions for this are in our help centre.

How do I setup Life Skills GO in Sentral?2023-05-06T04:49:14+00:00

Please follow the two steps below to activate the Life Skills GO Emotion Check-in in Sentral and start checking in with your next roll call.

To action these steps, please log into your Sentral account.

Step 1: Navigate to main menu in Sentral and click on Life Skills GO under Wellbeing

Step 2: Click ‘Provision’ button to begin the setup.

Once the Provision button is clicked, Life Skills GO will be setup within Sentral for your school.
For any support, please contact
How do I start using Life Skills GO in Sentral?2023-05-06T04:50:18+00:00

Once Life Skills GO is setup in Sentral for your school, we have a simple getting started guide that you can use. Click here to download your Getting Started Guide.