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National Check-in Week 

Help encourage educators and decision makers to take action and check-in on the wellbeing of our youth.

Share your story of why you believe it is important to take part in this event.

[I feel National Check-in Week is important because] I have three sons, two of who were bullied at primary school because one has social anxiety, the other because he has dyspraxia. I have always encouraged my kids to embrace their uniqueness as a badge of honour. What makes them special. What makes them, them. Unfortunately, our education system is focused on academic excellence and not mental health. I want to be involved in the tide of change for our kids. Changing stigma of being “different” into celebrating their uniqueness. I want mental wellbeing to be a priority at all schools.

[It is important to continuously check-in on student wellbeing because] student wellbeing is ongoing and evolving at all times. We need to check-in on student wellbeing always. Often when our kids are silent it is when we need to check-in on them more.

– SJ V, Parent, NSW

National Check-in Week is free, simple to set up and takes only minutes each day to check-in.

  1. Access to the emotion check-in platform and SEL resources
  2. Downloadable emotion cards
  3. PD for teachers and staff
  4. Webinar recordings and invitations to upcoming live events
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