Webinar Replay
How Do You Interpret And Use Student Emotion Data?

Thurs 24 March 2022, 7 – 8 PM AEDT

Watch us in conversation with experienced panelists to learn how data can be used to teach, measure and track student wellbeing through check-ins

Giving agency to students to communicate their emotions is a critical first step in starting important conversations around their wellbeing. Through the emotion check-in tool, this agency is made possible, which also provides rich data for educators and students alike. The instant snapshot and the data it provides makes a significant difference in learning to identify and communicate emotions, and provides educators with valuable extra time to teach through improving readiness to learn quickly and easily.

Replay the live run on Thursday 24 March 2022, for an insightful evening with our experts, Marc Pedersen (Assistant Principal – Stage 2 at Wollongong Public School), Troy Westcott (Assistant Principal at Gol Gol Public School) and Nikki Bonus (Founder and CEO Life Skills Group).

In this webinar, our experts will discuss:

  • Their experience in effectively implementing and using the emotion check-in tool.
  • How the data it provides is used as part of their classroom teaching.
  • The benefits of this approach and the data provided compared to other methods they have used.
  • Incorporating the check-in and data as part of strategic plans and wellbeing programs.


Troy Westcott has been teaching since 2013 within Primary Education. He is a passionate educator and father, and believes education of the whole child is paramount for student success. Troy is a part of the inaugural FASTstream program with the NSW Department of Education’s School Leadership Institute. A program that mentors and develops future school leaders with evidence-informed professional development and training. Troy seeks to provide an authentic culture of care within and beyond his local school context, establishing and maintaining relational trust. He currently teaches on the banks of the Murray River at Gol Gol Public School in South Western NSW as Assistant Principal.

Marc Pedersen is a K-12 qualified educator and has been teaching since 2008 within Primary education. He has been the assistant principal off-class head of Wellbeing at Blaxcell Street Public School since 2019, which involved leading professional learning and initiating wellbeing programs and strategies to support 930 students and a staff of 96. The relentless mindset and focus on safety Marc obtained as an engineer with Qantas he has brought to education, in the form of wellbeing. Marc instils a focus on wellbeing via peer-reviewed evidenced-based research and through explicitly taught strategies to support the social and emotional learning of all students. He knows that wellbeing is what underpins the success of the whole child and he looks forward to continuing this mindset as he starts in his new role as an assistant principal at Wollongong Public School in 2022.

Tegan Bayliss has 16 years of education experience, currently as a wellbeing leader in a Secondary School. Having recently studied a Masters Educational Leadership and Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, Tegan has learned the important value of applying wellbeing science for student, parent and staff wellbeing.Tegan believes that our students and families cannot flourish without wellbeing at the forefront of what our schools are about and that engaging in conversations and checking-in with each other is the best way we can support our young people.

Nikki Bonus is an experienced ed-tech founder and CEO of Life Skills Group, harnessing more than 20 years of deeply personal and professional experience in the development and delivery of social-emotional literacy programs for individuals, organizations, and most importantly, teachers and students. Nikki’s work has helped give voice to more than 850 schools, connecting with 20,000 teachers and 500,000 primary school children to build a continuing evidence base of what works to measure, report and implement real improvements in Social Emotional and Physical Literacy for school communities.