National Check-in Week Report

National Check-in Week 2023 is officially back!

Join us and the 200,000+ students who were registered for our first ever event as we once again bring focus to the wellbeing of our youth.

Please mark 15 May 2023 in your calendars now…

More details will be shared soon!

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Australia, New Zealand and schools from around the world – it’s now time to check-in on the wellbeing of your students NOW.

Read allo about the results from National Check-in Week 2022 in the official report.

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Research shows that a quarter of Australian teenagers are now living with mental illness and devastatingly, so are 1 in 7 kids between 6–12 years old.

Students have experienced huge disruptions over the past two years. Now, more than ever, it is important to connect with our students, learn how they feel and provide the support and skills they need to thrive throughout their lives.

Together we will help start important conversations and focus on the emotional needs of students through a National Check-in Week. Through connection, conversation and continuous check-ins, we will help students better understand and manage their emotions and relationships in a positive, healthy way.

Parents, educators, carers and communities can be empowered to track and positively respond to students’ emotional needs to promote wellbeing and learning.

And it all starts with us.

Education Services Australia (ESA) officially supports our mission in supporting youth wellbeing and, particularly for National Check-in Week, in bringing focus to the wellbeing needs of every child every day. We thank Andrew Smith, CEO of ESA, for his support.

Read the official letter here

Australian Council of State School Organisations Ltd (ACSSO) is officially supporting National Check-in Week and it’s aim to bring focus to  the wellbeing of our young people, highlighting the need to assess the wellbeing needs of every child every day.

Read the official letter here

Why have we started the National Check-in Week?

To bring focus to the wellbeing needs of every child, every day.

To provide educators a tool to start conversations today that will provide timely data to help understand students’ state of wellbeing, rather than have to wait on annual surveys. There is a better way.

  • A report showed that calls to Kids HelpLine during the height of the pandemic in Australia were primarily due to mental health concerns. Whilst 5–9 year olds are a smaller cohort of users of the Kids Helpline service, responses to that age group have increased by more than 80% over the past 12 months compared with the same period last year. (yourtown & Australian Human Rights Commission, 2020)
  • …the most important finding was that their relatively poor social and emotional skills had a strong detrimental effect on a number of important academic, work and life outcomes. (OECD report)
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National Check-in Week Ambassadors

An education community coming together to support student wellbeing

We have a number of Ambassadors and partners supporting National Check-in Week, such as those below, and are speaking with many others to join in and help raise awareness.

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