National Check-in Week Report

Australia’s Largest Real-Time Student Wellbeing Check-in: The Results¬†

Driven by dedicated and caring educators, the inaugural National Check-in Week saw over 200,000 individual check-ins conducted across more than 700 schools in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

The results are now in.

In the official report, we share the findings from the data gathered throughout the event. This presents a compelling case for increased focus on wellbeing in every school and the right tools to measure and manage emotional responses in real-time, deliver content, engage students and to track, measure and report results.

We wish to thank every student, teacher and leader in education, parent, Government member, industry and member of the community who took part to champion the message of National Check-in Week, and support the mental health and wellbeing of our youth. You are an inspiration.

Discover the current state of our youth’s wellbeing by downloading the National Check-in Week Official Report below.

Download the Report