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How do we know how our students are truly feeling?

23 February 2022, 7 – 8 PM AEDT

How are our students and how do you know?

As teachers and students return to another year of learning in an uncertain world, understanding and remaining responsive to the emotions of our students remains key in helping them thrive in all areas of life. It is through conversation, connection, and continuous check-ins that we can help students better understand and manage their emotions and relationships in a positive, healthy way.

Join us on Wednesday 23 February 2022, for an insightful evening as experts Dr Phil Lambert, Cheryl Edward and Dianne Giblin join us to discuss their participation in this year’s National Check-in Week, as they help bring focus to the wellbeing needs of every child, every day.

In this webinar, our experts will discuss:

  • Why they have chosen to participate in National Check-in Week.
  • How providing schools and educators with continuous real-time reporting on students’ emotional wellbeing is critical to relationship building with their teachers and sense of belonging. As well as reducing behavioural incidents, building resilience and improving student voice, leading to an increase in academic results.
  • How the role of technology can support the wellbeing of whole schools, jurisdictions and Dioceses.
  • Why it’s important to start now.
  • Why there is a need for a shift from viewing a students’ wellbeing through just behavioural and attendance reports, to a more holistic whole child report.


Dr Phil Lambert has extensive experience in education as a school principal; inspector; Executive Director; Assistant Director-General; Regional Director (Schools), Sydney and General Manager, Australian Curriculum where he led the development of Australia’s first national curriculum. He has authored books, presented a number of papers and keynotes at national and international conferences, had a number of articles and occasional papers published in journals and led statewide reviews and reforms. His current book ‘The Knowing and Caring Profession’ is scheduled for release in late 2021. He is an internationally recognised school education expert.

Cheryl Edward’s past roles include wellbeing, counselling, & inclusion in NT schools supporting Inclusion Support Services and Pastoral Care and Wellbeing in Catholic Education. She started as a School Counsellor with Katherine Group School, in the Department of Education, in 2010, working in 8 schools east of Katherine. By the time Cheryl moved to Catholic Education, NT in Term 2, 2017, she was working across what is known as the Big Rivers region, covering 28 schools and 4,000 students across 400,000 square km’s. Throughout her work over the past 12 years, she has seen the most difference when schools work with a trauma-informed lens, incorporating neuroscience with social emotional learning.

Dianne Giblin has worked in education in both paid and unpaid capacity for the past 32 years.

Di has a passion for education, in particular public education, and the opportunities it affords young people. She has led the ACSSO secretariat since 2011 but has been a significant player in parent activism since 1984 when her eldest child commenced school. She is proud of her four children’s achievements – all successes of public education.

She has held various volunteer roles in the parent movement finishing her P&C career as President of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Associations of NSW.

Di was a founding Director of Public Education Foundation whose board position she held for six years; a founding Director of Primary Ethics Board and also a founding Director of The Parenthood board.

She worked in a paid capacity for the NSW education department in a number of roles across a large area of Sydney. Her roles were all in the area of parent engagement and home-school partnerships including school based community officer, across district Community Development Officer and regional Partnership Officer – all through the Priority Schools Program.

Recognition of her work saw her commended for Meritorious Service to Public Education and Training in 2010. In 2012 Dianne was admitted as a Member in the General Division of the Order of Australia for her service to public education and the community.

Di’s greatest love is her family but coming a close second is her love of music. Whilst an amateur guitar player she likes to spend downtime with it, her grandchildren and her playing her vinyl albums on the new turntable.

Nikki Bonus is an experienced ed-tech founder and CEO of Life Skills Group, harnessing more than 20 years of deeply personal and professional experience in the development and delivery of social-emotional literacy programs for individuals, organizations, and most importantly, teachers and students. Nikki’s work has helped give voice to more than 850 schools, connecting with 20,000 teachers and 500,000 primary school children to build a continuing evidence base of what works to measure, report and implement real improvements in Social Emotional and Physical Literacy for school communities.